Santa Claus visited our town

It's still November but Santa Claus is visiting our town already. At 7:00PM earlier Santa Claus joined by his wife, of course the Mrs. Santa Claus, went to the mall to be with the kids. There was a drum and bugle corps that accompanied his arrival playing christmas songs. It was highlighted by giving gifts to the first 200 kids that met him. There were also mascots and performers that played tricks and magic for the kids. It was real awesome. The kids were very excited and happy.

It's unfortunate for me because I was working and can't take pictures so I can't share with you guys what I saw. I will try my best to take a picture of the set where they received Santa and his entourage inside the mall tomorrow or Monday. It's a Snow in the Woods setting. It's cute and beautiful.

Goodnight everyone!



carlota said...

That means pasko na jud! hehehe.
Our christmas parade in our town is on Dec. 3rd we migth go to see Mr. & Mrs. Claus.
Advance Merry Christmas. hehehe. pamasko nya ha kay ako ra ba ang naka una. hehehe. JK

Take care.

Bless said...

HI Carlots..yup as in pasko na jud. Nagparade lagi pud diri. Lingaw sab ang mga kabataan oi hehehe.
Advance Merry Christmas pud diay oi hehehe.

Take care too.

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