Waiting and blogging

Today is my day off and was scheduled to get my lab result from the Army hospital. The results are all negative so nothing to worry about. I am in an excellent health condition. But I still need to get back there to get my flu shot and if it's not available I may only get the flu mist. My Primary Care Manager told me that flu mist is comparable to the flu shot though so it's still good.

Since my husband is not yet off from work he just dropped me off at the Army library to wait for him. While waiting for him I am here blogging hehehe. I only have 30minutes to use the computer so I will not make my entry long. I just can't find better to do while waiting. I was checking for books and thinking of borrowing some. Argghh..I'm beginning to get bored here. I used all the sitting position already reading magazines and newspapers =).

Anyways, before I log off I checked out 4 books good for 3 weeks. Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, Lifeguard by James Patterson, Ambler Warning by Robert Ludlum and The Power of Make-up byTrish McEvoy. I hope I can read all these books within that period.



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