Happy Thanksgiving!

Early morning tomorrow we will be off the road going to South Carolina for the holiday. It's a family tradition to spend thanksgiving together with the rest of the family. The travel will be 5 hours or so depending on the traffic. We will stay there for a night then come back here early Friday morning because I have my work in the afternoon =(


'Tis the season of giving back to God the glory for all His blessings to us.

To everyone Happy Thanksgiving and celebrate the festivity with joy and thankfulness in our hearts!



JO said...

Happy thanksgiving Bless!

Have a safe trip!

Tess said...

Happy thanksgiving Bless, enjoy the trip to SC! ingat.

Ghie said...

Happy Thanksgiving too silingan!

Have a safe trip!

amgine said...

happy thanksgiving sis! may God continue to shower your family with his richest blessings! God bless po.

Ethel said...

Mareng happy thanksgiving diay diha kaninyong duha sa imong papasang :) naa pay pabo? hatag beh! :)

Raquel said...

Hi mare,

Bleated happy thanksgiving!!!

Bless said...

Mga ladies thank you all sa greetings and Happy thanksgiving pud sa inyo tanan! God bless.

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