Christmas Recap

Christmas celebration is over as fast as it arrives. Me and hubby had a solemn and wonderful celebration. Eventhough we are both away from our families we still enjoyed and appreciated their company through the phone though.

Last christmas was like a "go where the wind takes me" mood. It was my first time to celebrate christmas away from home. So wherever my husband take me to I didn't complain. He took me to his relatives and spent christmas there. The feeling of being an outsider is only a passing feeling because his family accepted me without any qualms whatsoever. Everyone is so nice. From young to old there is "beso-beso" & hugging ever. It was also fun because the family organized a gift-giving program every year to the less fortunate so I helped in that event also.

This christmas I suggested to my hubby that we will just spend christmas together. To celebrate the holy day just us. Making a somekind of tradition. He was amenable to the idea. So indeed we just stayed home. The whole week before 25 I worked until closing. So he did all the christmas shopping, for food and gifts. I was so glad with that because I sometimes don't have the patience. I shopped but only for little things. I was relieved of the shopping stress you know ;-)

We attended the midnight mass on the eve before christmas. The weather was awful. The rain poured hard and there was thunderstorm. But it didn't keep us from attending. The musical midnight mass was celebrated by 4 priests. It started at 11:30 with a musical extravaganza of the church choir. It was great and the mass was very solemn. My husband said that it was his first time ever to attend a midnight mass. He was glad though that I asked him to. When we got home I called my family in the Philippines. I was so happy talking to them. We ended up talking until 3am.

I woke up on the 25th late. My husband was already awoke early and he started cooking for our dinner together. He told me to just stay put and keep out of the kitchen. He really meant it. So what I did was open my gifts and relaxed and called again my relatives and friends. He was busy doing all the preparation and I didn't contribute a single bit. I was tempted to but he will only pushed me away if I get near him. [LOL] We had an early dinner at 5pm. Afterwards went to a friends house to drop something then went to see a movie, The Memoirs of Geisha.

It was all in all a great christmas celebration for us. And my husband said that he may make it a tradition to prepare the food that I like for our christmas dinner. Which I didn't raised a single objection to. Lolz... What more can I ask? He do all the cooking and the cleaning too!




Ethel said...

Aww.. ka sweet nila oy! :)
Happy New Year mareng ug papasang.

che said...

Hi Bless,...Wet Xmas sab diay mo dina...same us here....pwerti ka ulan gikan sa 24 hangtud sa 25....we usually spend the Xmas just the of 3 of us...spending time with each other...glad to hear you had a wonderful time together...anyway...greet na lang sab ko ug Advance happy New year..take care you two..

Tess said...

Hi Bless, nakasulod ra gyud ko dire sa imong comment box, i just tried to disable my popup blocker, OK naman dati ambot nganong naunsa ni karon oy! Anyway, i just wanna wish u and Daniel and very happy new year, i wish u more love, peace and happiness in the coming new year!

Ligaya said...

Hi Bless! Sounds that you really had a wonderful Christmas together, that's nice. =) Hubby and I used to do the same the previous years, just the two of us celebrating. But this year, we spent it with relatives and friends. We had a great time, and Ninev was able to play with my friend's kids. =)

anyways, wishing you both a happy and a blessed New Year together! take care! =)

carlota said...

Hi Bless, sounds you both have a wonderful Christmas together. Ang sweet naman sa hubby mo. Wow- the food on your table looks so great and well prepared.

Take care and Happy New Year...Wishing you both all the BEST in 2006!

kim said...

hi bless, thanks for the greetings. may you and hubby have a Blessed and Prosperous New Year ahead. Keep warm. Regards.

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