Thank You Friends!!!

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all my cyberfriends who greeted us here on my blog site and also sent us christmas cards. Your thoughts for us is really appreciated. It warmed our hearts knowing that we have friends who cares eventhough we haven't met upclose. Thank you very much and love you all!!!!

We would like to greet everyone in advance a HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May the years to come brings more blessings and happiness to each one.



Ethel said...

Halo mareng Bless Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy New Year!

Tess said...

happy new year to u and ur hubby! I wish u nothing but the BEST for 2006!

evi said...

feliz año nuevo, bless!

Betty said...

Happy NEw Year Diha. Best wishes!

Teachernorms said...

Happy New Year to you and your family. All the best in 2006.

Raquel said...

Una sa tanan, maayong bag-ong tuig mare ug ni pareng Daniel.

Ika duha, congratulations about your 2 year green card. Don't forget to file for a removal before 90 days mo expire ha. Maayo kaayo na nga Christmas gift nimo. Pastilan ka swerte diay nimo kay you did not undergo for an interview.

Asa man akong card diha wa man lagi?

Pagka sweet man ninyo ni mister oi, basin alumigason mo ha.

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