It's our 1st Wedding Anniversary! - Part I

We passed the one year mark of being married. It is really a quick turn of time. December 18, 2004 when we tied the bond of matrimony. We had a great start of our relationship as well as a great start being a married couple. We know we still have a long way to go, more years to count and many ups and downs along the way. But knowing we have a strong foundation of our relationship and God as the center of it we will never go wrong. Prayer, love, trust, respect and understanding are the mixture we concocted for staying blissful in our togetherness.

We would like to thank Mare Ethel for the beautiful pixel she gave us for our anniversary.



Ethel said...

Happy wedding Anniversary mareng Bless and pareng Daniel :) God Bless you richly!



JO said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Wishing you many more wonderful years to come...

lutchi said...

Halo Bless and Hubby!!! Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary. I wish you all the love and happiness always.

Ghie said...

Silingan happy first anniversary sa inyong duha ni hubby nimo. Wish nako nga unta maka himo na mo og liwat :)

Merry Christmas!

Makis said...

Happy 1st anniversary to you & your Bana! Here's to more years - CHEERS!

Lanie P said...

Bless, Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary and best wishes to you both! ^_^

Raquel said...

Hi mare Bless,

Happy 1st. Wedding Anniversary. Regards to papasang, muahhhh, tsuppp you both.

Rhebs said...

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Bless and Dan :-)

May your deep love for each other become more sweet and tender with each passing anniversary ;-)

Btw, Bless did you get the email I sent you couple of days ago?

Bless said...

Hello mga girl friends...THANK YOU VERY MUCH sa inyong mga greetings and wishes. It is highly appreciated jud. Your prayers made a difference in our lives. It warmth out hearts to know that you all care. God bless and more power to you all.

Analyse said...

Happy anniversary Bless! Have a blessed and joyful christmas ;)

Tess said...

huli man daw at magaling, huli pa rin, hehe! Belated happy happy anniversary to you and Dan! I wish you nothing but the best - best of health, peace, love, prosperity and most of all babies, babies and babies!

Bless said...

Hi Ana thank you for the greetings and prayers!

Hello Tess...better late than never oi hehehe..Salamat kaayo sa imong mensahe. =)

carlota said...

Hi Bless, oppsss na miss man ni nako sorry.

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to you and Dan. Wish you all the BEST of your marriage. God Bless!

Bless said...

Hi Carl thank you sa greetings and God bless too!

kim said...

hi bless. happy 1st anniversary sa inyo diha. sory i am late. wahhhhhhhhh!!

Bless said...

Halu Kim! Salamat. It's better late than never man kuno hehehe.

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