Puzzle Anyone?

Do you like to solve puzzles? Crossword, cryptogram, design puzzle and etc? When I was still in the Philippines I like solving crossword puzzle from newspapers and magazines. I even bought crossword booklets when I had the chance to go to bookstores. I carry it in my bag especially when I go to an appointment where I know I will be waiting for quite a time. When I arrived here I have no problem with that because you can find various puzzle books not only in bookstores but also in most of the superstores. Even dollar stores they carry those.

Yesterday we went to Walmart to find some hardware then I saw a pile of popcorn in tin cans. I was even glad to find that in every can there is a free 500 piece puzzle design. So I grabbed one excited to solve it when I get home.

When we arrived home I immediately changed and started to solve my puzzle. Hubby just amused with what I am doing that he took a pic of me in my most unguarded moment. Which you can see below =) The design of the puzzle is like the design on the tin can. Hope I can finish it thru.



Ethel said...

HUh! grabeh jud diay mareng kay imo man gikugihan :) na hala pag mahuman na nimo ipakita namo beh aron makita sad namo ang imong gihaguan ug nilingkod :) kugihan jud diay ka mareng noh,. :)

Ghie said...

na hala banati jud ng imong puzzle dinha, ako hilig pod ko og puzzle pero dali ra ko ma ulit kong dugay nako ma porma, hehhehe

Bless said...

Na mareng kugihan ug matulog hehehe bitaw walay laing lingaw pud pag naa sa balay. Hangtud karon mareng nagkumbati pa ko aning puzzle ba. Miapil na lang akong papasang hehehe Unya nalagot cya sa akoa kay ngano kunong 500 pieces akong gikuha hehehe. Ako ra unya ning ipost inig mahuman.

Silingan mao man. Makaulit pud usahay. Naulit na gani akong bana hehehe. Miapil man pud na tua cya na pud puli sa akoa kay magblogging sa ko hehehe

Tess said...

unya Bless nahuman na nang imong puzzle diha? hala ipakita gyud dayon dire bi! 500 puzzle, inig mahuman na nimo, that's quite an accomplishment!

Bless said...

Hi Tess yes human na ug akong gi post oi hehehe. Check it out ;-)

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