When accidents happen

How would you describe when accidents happen here in the US and in the Philippines? This is the question that was formed in my mind after I saw on the local news on Sunday (Jan. 29) of an accident that happened on the Interstate just near the exit going to my workplace. There were 11 cars involved on that said accident. Accordingly, 11 cars contributed to 6 accidents and it is all related resulting to a pile up. It was like a domino effect. Fortunately, nobody died and only 3 people were brought to the hospital. I haven't heard of this kind of accident back in the Philippines. More often, I heard accidents involving 2-4 vehicles not 11.

What I was so curious about is the people's reaction when accidents such as this happens. I was asking my husband whenever he passed by or heard an accident near where he's at, is he going to stop by and being nosy or go on and just made a chuckle. He said he'll not waste his time to stop by and be nosy. He will just watch it though on the news. He can't help in there anyhow because the emergency rescue team will be there, the policemen and firefighters. And if you help and you don't know what you're doing you might worsen the situation and further endanger the involved and you can be sued. Ouch...Sometimes being a good Samaritan doesn't help here.

I was telling him that in the Philippines, especially in the barrio (like my own place), there are two ways for you to gather a real big crowd. A neighbour's fight and an accident. I myself is one of those =) (uzi-sera) Everytime accidents happened in our barangay....it's like everything halts for a moment. People gathered, help the people involved, flag the next vehicle that will pass by to bring the injured to the hospital. Then others will sit and gather at the waiting shed near the highway and talk about the accident all day long.

My husband can't believe what I am telling him. I told him that we are not that lucky to have all the amenities and personnel to respond in a speed of light in case of emergency. Those that are involved in the accidents depends solely to the bystanders to call for help and bring them to the hospitals. It is really very different here.

Well anyways, I missed being nosy again hehehehe



JO said...

very very true! here, you can't meddle, otherwise they can sue you.

back home, our highways are narrower and there's traffic everywhere, so one can't really speed up.

here, highways are wider and there's less car on the road too, so people tend to speed up, and when accidents happen its mostly life-threatening or there's a pile up that will involve more than 3 cars.

Ethel said...

mareng tinuod jud mao pod dire sa europe, pero sa atoa mareng mga in ana mahadlok ko, dili jud ko moduol bahalag unsa kadaghan nga mga tawo magtapok kay mutan aw, ako layo ra kaayo akong spiritu ana. hehehe dili lugar ko uzi sera ;) bitaw talawan man gud ko.

JO said...

oh, one more thing, here, when you get in an accident, even though the cars won't stop to assist you, they have the initiative to call 911. it happened to a friend of mine when he was in a car accident, as soon as he got connected to 911, the operator said that police are on their way and somebody already called it in.

KIM said...

hi bless, dire man gud naa interstate nga ang dagan 70mph. ako bya na gitanaw sus equivalent man diay na sa ato 110kph. wala man gyud nagpadagan sa ato ug 110kph hehe. di kaha ka ninglupad naman ug ana ang dagan nato didto sa ato. mao nang di gyud magka-domino ug naa aksidente. unya naa pa magtabok-tabok sa dalan, naa mga baboy or kabaw gitugway anang daplin sus me kinsa man makadagan ug kusog ana hehehe.
ang then ug naa pod ma-aksidente daghan kaayo motipok pero wala gyud motabang. ug ang pulis mangita ug witness wala gyuy motingog kay mahadlok.
dire di na bitaw sila mo waste sa ilang time kay naa man 911 dayon. didto sa ato kay pangitaon pa man ang pulis hehehhehe.
thanks 4 d space.

Makis said...

That is a freak accident! I'm scared driving here in France because people drive too fast - 1 second of inattention is a second away to danger. Unlike in the Philippines where there is too much traffic & roads with too much potholes to avoid, a pile-up like that is almost impossible. The only person who can meddle in case of an accident here in France are the people who are around when the accident happens - wala ata sa culture nila ang uzi :)

Joy said...

so true, nice post! :-))

but I think I belong to the "coward" tsimosa he he he he... dili ko didto sa on the spot jud. Mang-hearing lang sa ubang silingan. :-))

Ghie said...

Silingan pareha diay ta tsismosa kaayo, kong naa gani tapukan sa Pinas adto dayon ko kay para dili ma ulahi sa balita. Lahi ra man gud dinhi sa US kay kong naay aksidente dial lang dayon og 911.

Sige silingan ayo ayo mo dinha ni papasang nimo

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