Sunday's Driving Lesson

On Sunday, April 23rd, I was off from both my jobs. As soon as I woke up hubby asked me if I am ready for that day to take a long drive on the interstate. Eventhough I was not but I told him yes and asked in return where to and how far. He said maybe around 10 to 15 miles going to Atlanta then he'll take over. I didn't say a word coz I was preoccupied with the thoughts of how bad the traffic would be.

After we're both ready to leave he handed in to me the key and briefed me what to do. So I pulled out from our parking space and drove off. Was very careful because our cop neighbour was also pulling off from his parking space to go back to the road. From our complex going to the main road is about a mile; another mile going to the expressway then about two miles to exit and merge into the interstate (I-185).

While I was driving my hubby asked me if I am doing okay. At first when I was merging I kind of felt the nervousness since you have to pick up speed and at the same time watch out for any car behind before you change lane. So then I was able to do it and my nervousness eased down until I got the hang of driving maintaining a 45-55mph speed on the safe lane. After 10miles distance I asked my hubby if I can pull-over so he can take over but he told me to keep on driving until we got near the exit going to Callaway Gardens then he said to take the exit and go straight to Callaway Gardens. He really tricked me. Instead of driving 10miles only I ended up driving 37.9miles.

I was so proud of myself coz I thought I won't be able to handle it but I did it. My confidence level I believe is up now. I am so thankful of my husband for always encouraging me and being patient with me. Before we ended up arguing everytime we practice on the road. But he promised me that he'll take it easy on me this time and keep up with what I can only do for the moment. Taking one step at a time. No beckering, no shouting and more patience. And it's working. Less pressure on me and it helps me not to panic.

Pics at Callaway Garden

At the entrance of the vegetable garden

Spring flowers in bloom (Easter Lilies)

Part of the vast vegetable garden



Ghie said...

Hello silingan! musta na ka dinha? Ingon ana jud na pirmiro hadlok pa mo drive sa high way but kong imo ng sigihon maanad ra ka. Mas nindut sa highway kay dili laay mag drive, hehehe ako sa una hadlok ko highway sa backroad jud ko pirmi maong usahay paabtan og siyam-siyam, ehehehehhe

sige silingan ayo ayo dinha og say hi sa imong papasang!

in-in said...

Bless I was only able to drive twice in the interstate by myself. Pero dili sad kaayo layo. Sos ana jud na. I remember when I first learned how to drive and I insisted to drive to go shopping. I was with Ryan. He was getting so nervous, so he kept talking about my work and the people that I really don't like. I got mad and nervous I pulled over on the side and asked him to drive. I wasn't supposed to do that but I was mad.

Now I remember how important driving is more than anything. Ryan was terribly sick last week. Fever going up to 103 degrees. He was unable to drive. If I didn't know how to drive I could have just sit at home and wait for the ambulance to come. Sos lisud na. Take Care Bless !

Bless said...

Hi silingan! Maayo kay nakaduaw ka dri. Lagi hadlokan pa jud ko magdrive oi. Pero unsaon man kinahanglanon man jud. Unya gipadrive jud ko sa akong papasang sa interstate nga kusog managan ang sakyanan. Unya padulong ra ba sa akong trabahuan kay medyo matraffic esp sa expressway. Hinay hinay lang ta ani ug practice. Cge ayo ayo pud dha kanunay ug regards sa imong lovey doves.

Hi In! I have the same experience with u. One time I drove in the expressway and then my hubby talked too much that I got nervous and mad. I pulled over at the side too and let him drove instead.

I am still practicing and taking it slowly. I still have some excuses too when I really feel chicken driving in a busy streets hehehe.

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