Anything under the sun

I am slacking nowadays to update my journal regularly. I guess I caught the "katam" virus too. Things happened and passed that I would really love to share but had no drive to make an entry about it. So I titled my post anything under the sun, referring to anything that happened to me this past days.

Here in the US having your own vehicle is a must. A necessity not a luxury. You can't go to anywhere you want to go if you don't know how to drive. Unless if you live in an area where there are plenty of public transportation. When I got here my hubby always encourages me to drive his car. So after I got my learners permit last year, which is good for 2 years, I started to practice driving. But I stopped when hubby traded his Pontiac Sunfire to an SUV Ford Explorer. My excuse then was the car is big enough for me to maneuver it.

Just recently my hubby bought me a smaller car, a 2001 Ford Focus. I can't drive alone yet so hubby make sure that I can have more time to be behind the wheel with him. Everytime I got off from my work I will drive the car going home. I am glad that after a few months of not being able to practice driving I still remembers what my husband taught me. I'm building my confidence now and my steering is more stable and relaxed. The first time I drove from my workplace going home I was a bit scared. I have to pass by 2 traffic lights and change lane twice. I was overwhelmed by the many things you have to remember and watch out for. Like checking sides and rearview mirrors as well as the speedometer. You have to be mindful also of the traffic signs and signals. I was so relieved when we arrived home unscathed. I know the nervousness everytime I drive will linger for quite sometime until I will be more confident enough to drive on my own.

Cute conversations with our residents

As I came in the hall.
Res1: Mama you have a nice outfit.
Me: Thank you honey. You look pretty in your pink shirt too.
Res1: (Laughs) Thank you Mama. I missed you Mama.

When I put her to bed.
Me: Good nite (Res. name).
Res2: Goodnite baby.
Me: Sleep tight and (teasing) don't let the bedbugs bite you.
Res2. (Smiles) Yes I won't.

When I put her to bed
Me: Nite Ms. ______. Sweet dreams. See you tomorrow.
Res3: Don't leave me now. I will cry.
Me: I'm not leaving you. I'll just let you get your rest. Okay?
Res3: 'kay. Please come back.



ethel said...

Halo marengkay,
Lagi noh, basta si katam na gani grounded jud hehe..
Oy, enjoy diay sa imong new ride, maayo mo diha kay dali ra diay maka kuha ug DL, dire sa amoa maximum 2 years ayha pa.
Pero at least hapi na sad ko kay anytime asa adto dali ra idagan basta naay wheels hehe..

Bless said...

Hi Mareng Ethel! Mao lagi basta tapulan gani na wa juy mahimo.
Lagi enjoy jud ko ani ug tuon. Ang learner's permit dali ra ug basahon lang nimo sa pamphlet gkan sa Dep't of Motor Vehicle diri.

Joy said...

Hi, Bless! Good to see your new post here. :-)

Ako pod dili kaayo ga-update sa akong blog kay busy man oy. Gamay ra akong time to use the pc. But I must not stop writing, and at least I should update my blog once a week. My main purpose is to write in English. Kahibalo ka, I'm fully immersed to speak in french kay walay ininglis diri. I noticed nga na-improve akong french pero ningbati sad akong ininglis. Usahay, magkamamo pa ko pagsulat in english kay dili na ko kahibalo sa correct spelling of even those simple english words. Imagine! *lol* Busa, I try to maintain my blog for that purpose...

Hey, you have some sweet residents out there. Isn't it nice to hear them talk to you like that?

God bless!

aMgiNe said...

hi bless, hope you have fun driving and show us a photocopy of your license when you get it. ^_^

Makis said...

I totally agree that having a car is a necessity & not a luxury. It is total freedom & independence. Hope you'll get your driving permit soon!

Raquel said...

Congratulations naa na diay ka new car, I hope nga naa kay confident mag drive by yourself kay mportante kaayo makabalo tag drive sa america. Good luck and stay focus.

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