Space Exploration

Another inspiring place that we visited while we're in Florida is the NASA's (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) launch center the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), a 45min drive east of Orlando. The KSC is huge. It is not only a working center of thousands of scientists and explorers, men and women, but also an attraction where past, present and future accomplishments are showcased. It would really take you a whole day or so if you check on all it's shows, tours, try on the simulator experiencing a launch and even encounter an astronaut who tells stories about their life in space..

The shows, tours, and exhibits not only amazing but also very informative and educational. The IMAX 3D space movie showing how the astronauts live inside a space craft with a zero gravity is very awsome. Everything is weightless. They lifted heavy things with just a flick of the hand. It makes you want to become an astronaut and experience it too.

Accordingly, right now the international space center has 2 astronauts crew with a stint of 6 months and then be relieved. The space shuttle delivers supplies and other cargo parts for the expansion of the space center. And speaking of space shuttle, we saw the orbiter Space Shuttle Discovery as it was being transferred to its launch pad. The shuttle moves to its launch pad with a speed of less than a mile per hour. The target launching, if I remember right, will be on July 1st. The crew composed of 7 persons with 2 female astronauts. It will be another NASA history.

Inside the NASA Space Exploration's exhibit

Hubby at the KSC Rocket Garden

The actual exhibit of Apollo/Saturn V



Rhebs said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Bless :-)

I can relate gyud sa imong experience sa Kennedy Space Center. I was there when the Delta II Rocket lifts off in 2001 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station carrying NASA's 2001 Mars Odyssey spacecraft bound for the Red Planet.

JO said...


My next trip to Florida will definitely include Kennedy Space Center!

Lanie Pfeiffer said...

Bless, seeing your pictures it remind me of my first time ever visit at the Kennedy Space Center! Ang imong pictures kay pariha sa ako jud! Kaso lang at the time wala pa ma uso ang degital camies. :D

Have a great week, and thanks for the visit. ~_^

Dauph said...

Hi Bless your post makes me smile cos it reminds me that my hubby worked there when he was assigned in florida before. Some of your photos are same as my hubby's. We hope someday when we visit to florida hubby would bring me to that place which I love to see as well. Once again thanks for sharing your pics.. Take care and God Bless!

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