Life's Simple Pleasures

What would it take for man to be satisfied? I can't speak in behalf of the humankind. But I can for my very self. So what it takes for me to be pleased? Here's mine below. Thanks Rhebs for this tag, I'm for it.

My 10 Life's Simple Pleasures

1. Being with my husband and just talking about anything under the sun. We joke a lot and laugh a lot too. And I also love his surprises.

2. Talking to my family, relatives and friends. Knowing the latest updates in their lives and other people's lives (chismis?! :-) joke!!) Joking aside, hearing from your family 8,000 miles away from you is always a relief and sure pleases me.

3. Our impromptu small trips here and there. I love the spontaniety of deciding our small trips coz it would really happen hehehehe.

4. Our dates and going outs after a long day at work. Includes watching a movie, running/jogging or even just walking at the park and at the strip mall hand in hand.

5. Window shopping before I come in to work at the mall. I usually go to the home department. I love watching the different styles of home decor.

6. Our long drive to different US state. Discovering new places that we both haven't been to.

7. My own laptop where I can connect to family and friends all over the world. Thru where I can also access my ABS-CBN subscription.

8. Watching my fave show on telly, news and entertainment.

9. I am pleased that I now drive though still with my hubby with me. I be more pleased when I can drive on my own soon.

10. When I go to work at the NH and knowing that our residents are all well.

Tag, you're it!



Rhebs said...


Is that mean we both are hopeless romantic ;-)

ethel said...

Nice pleasure marengkay :)
muzta na imong beauty diha..kabalo nako busy lang gihapon :)
ayo ayo

Carlotz said...

Hi Bless, enjoy reading your pleasure. mustamus na iha? Hope all well with you both.

Segi take care and have a wonderful weekend. Hugz

agring said...

Hi Bless,
Musta na. I had fun reading your simple pleasures. How's your job?
Have a great weekend!

kookie said...

Hello bless, i have a fun time reading you simple pleasure take care muah.
p.s.can you pls. update my url thanks

agring said...

Bless nibalhin na akong payag diri dito. Thanks

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