Surprise! Surprise!

Things that you don't expect to happen would really surprise you, ain't it? On May 1st me and one of our AM's (Assistant Manager) opened the store and we have lots of going ons since the oncoming Mother's Day. We have new displays and markdowns to do, have to make the store look good and full to showcase all the merchandise we have on different price points. Then our SM (Store Manager) arrived and asked me to follow her to the office. I was wondering what she wanted us to talk about.

So when I came in and sat down she told me that corporate office sent the new rates for the associates. That means an increase has been given but not all have one. She added that she felt embarass telling me that although I got an increase but not the percentage she expected that is worth for me being a very good associate. I was surprised to hear about the increase and moreso humbled by her comment. I told her that eventhough it's not a big increase but I am thankful that they recognized my hardwork. And more thankful for having them as my manager/supervisor because they are so considerate and understanding especially on giving me my schedule.

Another surprise when I got home that same day husband cooked one of our fave Thai food, "Pad Thai". Everytime we go to a Thai resto we'll order it with a Thai tea or Thai coffee. He always tells me that one of this days he will try to make it. True to his words, when I got home he lets me closed my eyes and ushered me to the kitchen. When I opened my eyes I saw this:

His version of "Pad Thai"

He went to all oriental stores here in our place just to get the right ingredients that he saw on the recipe. It was real yummy with the peanut sauce in it.


We went to see this Cruise movie last night. It was a hit. Every single seat was taken. It is an action packed movie as expected with of course, as it's title says, impossible missions they take. It's another movie to watch for. High tech and caliber acting from the casts. For me it's really an impossible mission that is hardly to happen in real life.

Anyways, my hubby took this pic while I was driving going to the movie theater.



Che said...

Hi Bless,...Congrats...I know u deserve it....looks yummy ang foods ni hubby...mahilig diay sya ug luto-luto....take care and happy Sunday...Thanks for the visit nako...

Lanie Pfeiffer said...

Bless, first of, thanks for the Anniv-greetings for my parents. ~_^ Anvance Happy 46th Wedding Anniversary to your parents pud! ^_^

Second, congrats to you! You deserved it, your hard work reall paid off. ~_^

Hey, like to picture you posted. Talagang seryos kaayo ba. Heheh! ^_^

Bless said...

Hi Che! Thank you very much! Hehehe he likes to cook and experiment on dishes he haven't cook before. He said he's still trying to impress me hehehe murag nanguyab pa.

Hello Mommy Lan! Thank you for the wishes. Salamat pud sa advance greetings for my parents. Hehehe as in seryoso jud akong pic kay concentrate sa pagdrive. Kulbaan man hehehe.

Cge rgards sa mga kiddies.

ethel said...

Halo marengkay, ka sweet ni vana noh? hehe kalamii oy! abi nako ang last nga surprize naa kana baby hehehe...

Bless said...

hello mareng eth...maayo lagi unta ug naa nay baby oi hehehe hulat hulat lang sa ta ani.

amy said...

Hi Bless, swerte jud ka ni hubby nimo kay hilig luto-luto. ako sab nahan kaayo ko kon moluto na ako banana sa iya fav food.. problema lang pang winter sab nga recipe, that means winter ra cya magluto;-(

komusta na imong beauty diha? sorry kaayo, karon lang ko kabalik dinhi. take care & have a nice weekend!

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