Updates, Updates

Spring has sprung!!! Cold temperature is out and warm, hot weather is here. We are experiencing highs of 80's for the whole week and boy it feels like summer, stingingly hot. I can't imagine how hot it gets when its actually summer time. For you who are on spring break this time just keep cool and hydrated. Avoid basking too much under the heat of the sun.

School Update

Anyways, I am too on spring break from school. I had my finals on the 19th and got my grade for Anatomy and Physiology 2. So happy i have an A again. For my Business 101 class I have to take it again this coming spring quarter since I dropped it. I really didn't want to but it was not the right class for me to take for my program. My adviser messed me up for that one. He didn't have a clue when he register it for me that it wasn't the right one. This time I asked the Chairman for my program and he gave me the right one. I registered for a hybrid class that means I will not totally go to the campus all the time but we will also have classes online. The next quarter starts on April 2nd and ends on June 1st. Am praying everything will be alright after I gave birth.

Pregnancy Update

Speaking of giving birth, I am now on my 31st week of pregnancy. I am just so glad that all the tests that I went through are all normal. The only thing I am concerned with is I'm slightly anemic but I have iron supplement and the last prenatal, on my 28th week, my provider told me that I'm on the right track. I was told to record fetal movements as well. Making sure that there will be 10 movements in a period of 2 hours. On my record, I start at 9:30PM and within 10min our baby moves more than 10 times already. But I observed too that when i start counting passed 10PM usually 10 movements will reach up to 30min to an hour. The pattern of our baby's movement is, she's active from 6PM to 10PM and also during dawn.

Beginning of the 6th month of my pregnancy I started feeling Braxton-Hicks contractions. I felt tightening in my uterus. And now that I'm on my 31st week feels like I frequently feel it. And I was told many times by friends and family that seems like I will have our baby early. Even myself can feel that my baby is getting her ready position :-) Seemed like she's lowering down and feel lighter. Hope and praying we can have her in due time and healthy.

Yesterday we attended a cousin's wedding and we drove more than 5 hours one way and made 2 stops for me to stretch and go potty :-) It's unavoidable. But I swear going a long drive while your preggy is not fun at all. You feel all the discomfort there is. As much as possible I will not do it again.

31 weeks preggy @ cousin's wedding

Baby's Room Update

For our little girl's nursery, we're more than half way done. We didn't paint the room coz I don't want to go into the trouble of repainting it again once we move out of here. We had spring cleaning already 3 weeks ago and hubby steam cleaned the carpet all over the apartment's rooms. The furnitures, closet and organizing shelves are all set up since last month. Thanks to my hubby's excitement. He just couldn't wait. Even the swing and bassinet were put together already.

Baby's crib & bassinet



anaps said...

Wow, hi Bless, malapit ka na din manganak. Congrats for having a baby girl. Hey, nice looking baby crib and bassinet, we have the same style ng bassinet, long skirt ra amo. Anyway, thanks for the visit and kind comments. You look great sa dress mo, big na ang belly mo, soon may baby ka na in your arms. Ok ha, take care, keep us updated, I can't wait to see your baby girl.

in-in said...

Bless, we enjoy talking to him too. Especially during the night padulong na mi tulog. Labi na when I go do the NST and with that he is suppose to move. All I do is ask him to kick or move for mommy and he does. It's amazing. We always wonder how he will look like. Liwat ba sa akong ilong or kang Ryan :), it doesn't matter anyway.

Your nursery look so pretty. We have all the stuff for him since January but there were remodelling the bathroom so dili ko gusto maabogan iyang stuff ( hay naarte na gud). We placed the bassinet sa among bedroom though.

Sayo lagi ka kaayo nag contractions. I had mine on my 35th week pero nawala ra man sad. I just drunk a lot of water and rested most of the time (doctor's advice). I started feeling it lately again now that I am on my 38th week.

Sige ayo-ayo diha and take it easy. Have you guys picked a name yet?

camotesgirl said...

Hi here! Wow! ur going to have a baby girl soon! Congrats 2 u and ur hubby..i knew how excited u are'..by d way, i got here thru someone`s blog..i hope it`s ok w/ u..i`m from florida pala..and i got 2 boys..i still want a baby girl someday.in God`s will..u take care..and God bless!

Lanie said...

bless,looking good! hapit na pud ka manganak or you already have your little princess? Good luck to youand hubby. ~_^

Angie said...

Hi, just peeking. Congratulations! That's exciting, you're having a girl. I just had a baby boy. He's now 3+months old. Looking forward to seeing your angel on here. Happy Easter!

Rhebs said...

Blooming na blooming ka, Bless ;-)

Happy Easter to you and your hubby!!

Ay hapit naman diay ka manganak... Take care and we'll pray for your easy and safe delivery.

God bless

amgine said...

bless!!!! sobrang tagal kitang d nadalaw. at preggy ka din!!!! hehe apir tayo ako din eh. pero mauuna ka sa kin. punta ka sa bago kong bahay bless.

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