Our Baby's Gender?

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Yes we are expecting a baby girl. My husband told me as soon as we knew that we are pregnant that it's gonna be a girl. Father's intuition, huh! Well I refute him by saying it's gonna be a boy. And then everytime he touches my tummy he'll say "how's my baby girl". I always tell him he's assuming. He challenged me to play a bet just for fun. If I accepted it I surely lost.

Then when my belly is showing a lot of my friends are telling me it's a girl. One time we went to dine at Golden Coral. The manager on duty was a Filipina. I've known her as Ate E. When I told her I am pregnant she asked to see my neck and then she told me without a doubt, "Oy you will have a baby girl". Then hubby said I told you. For me no matter what's the gender as long as the baby is healthy.

I had an ultrasound (US) on December 21 for the baby's anatomical dating but the sex isn't clear yet. I was on my 16th week of pregnancy then. I was scheduled again on January 18th for an US. I took a 2 hour break from work to go to the hospital. I went there by myself since hubby was busy. I was hoping he can be there with me but he can't get off in the middle of a military class. So I was the only one dealing the excitement of knowing our baby's gender.

When I was called in to the ultrasound room, the technician told me the procedure and then the anxious me asked her if I can know what my baby's sex. She said she'll try her best. Then after she took pictures of the anatomy of the baby she told me that it's a girl. As she pointed out the area I didn't see anything also that dangles in between my baby's legs :-) So it's a Girl!

After the procedure, I waited a couple of minutes for the US pictures which unfortunately on a 2D only. That's what you get in a military hospital I guess :-) But I am glad eveything is fine and the greatest part of it is we already know what we're expecting. I called my hubby as soon as I got off the hospital and he said over and over "I told you so!" :-)

We already have a name for the baby. We agreed for 2 names. I picked the first and he picked the second. He also wants to incorporate my full maiden name which gives our baby having 2 middle names. But we still have to try to shorten it so the baby will not have a hard time writing long names.



JO said...

Hi Bless,

Congrats! You know, here in North America, the second name usually becomes the middle name. In both of my kids, nawala na lang yun maiden name ko sa pangalan nila... kasi yun second name nila ang ginawang middle name. Even those Filipinos whose name begins with Maria [like Maria Angelie], dito nagiging Maria na sila, samantalang sa pinas Angelie ang tawag sa kanya.

So this can be confusing in terms of legal documents.

Just thought I'd let you know... my two cents lang.

Bless said...

Hello Jo! Yes you are right. It will become confusing talaga adaming names. Sa akin nga I put my maiden name as my middle name when I got married. And when I fill up docs which asks for middle name and maiden name I have to put the same kasi iyon yong nandun sa immigration paperworks ko.

I told my hubby not to put my maiden name sa baby kasi mabalewala din but I don't know he still insists. Tingnan ko na lang pagdating ni baby :-)

Raquel said...

Hi Bless, congratulations, wow! Its a girl! Nice jud kung babae atong baby kay daghan ang puede na to mabuhat, especially sa mga damit.

Oh, very interesting din ang comment ni Jo. Wala na tayo sa pinas kaya dito ang sinunod ko.

Chikai said...

Hello Bless! Dugay2x na pud ko wala nakabalik dre sa imong payag mao karon ra ko nakabalo na ur preggy pala. Congrats ha! ^_^ I'm sure ur very excited for the new addition in ur family. just take it easy okay? enjoy ur pregancy and school as well. :)

in-in said...

Yehey baby girl jud. Ryan wanted a boy as panganay ako ok ra sad kung dili pero his wish was granted. We already have a name picked up and my maiden name will be the baby's middle name to keep the tradition going. Paghinay hinay jud diha bless ha and rest once in a while. Take Care !!!

Rhes said...

Congrats, Bless! Can't wait to see your little girl.. I am kasing ganda mo yan ;-)

Happy Valentines to you and your husband :-)

haze said...

Hi Bless....congratulations for expecting a little girl....wow ha!I bet you guys are very excited to see her.Anyway just dropping to say happy sunday!

Analyse said...

congratulations bless. sorry this is quite too late but i want you to know that im happy to read the news.. hope to hear more preggy news..

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