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Gosh! Been up and about after couple of hours since I gave birth but this is only the second time that I have the chance to post here. But since I already have established routine and fully healed from birthing, I can post updates about us here especially my growing little bundle of joy.

I wrote from my last post that I will share my birth story. Actually I have a draft about it that I made in June but wasn't able to publish it. I will reconstruct and post it real soon (kasi panis na). It was overridden by busy-ness.

Right now I am enjoying the journey of motherhood. My husband said that it suits me fine. But I can say the first few weeks was one heck of a roller coaster ride. Hubby is very helpful and very hands on with our darling daughter. He's relax and very confident but myself is a worry-wart and full of what-ifs. Just can't help it. I was overwhelmed by the task at hand especially when hubby got back to work. Now, I am gaining more confidence, more patient and i would say starting to learn more the art of mommying.

Shiloh @ 4 weeks starts being a party girl :-)

Shiloh @ 5 weeks. Held up her head during tummy time with daddy.

Shiloh @ one month & 1 week wearing wrists and feet rattles.

Shiloh @ 8 weeks. First time I saw her focused on her swing mobile's every turn.

Shiloh @ two months (Jul 13) love kicking and focusing on colorful toys esp her mobile and her aqua gym mat. She also loves to coo, gurgle and smile a lot. She's very ticklish too. Daddy was amazed last night when she tickles her and she let out an excited laugh.



in-in said...

Bless, FM has exactly the same gym mat pero he won't settle down in the same place now. This morning, he rolled over away from the mat and when he hit the chair he started crying. I am glad that your back and thanks for sharing some updates about baby Shiloh. Take care.

in-in said...

Bless oo uy. It's in_in78@yahoo.com. Pero wa na ko naggamit sa ym. You can also leave me a message sa friendster. Whichever is convenient for you. Take care and kissed to baby Shiloh.

Lanie said...

Ka dali man sa panahon. More than a month na imong baby. Nindot kaayo ng ang feelings sa? Enjoy with your baby, dali kaayo mo tubo ang baby. Shiloh (very cute and unique name) is a cute baby, bahin ninyo duha! ^_^ Thanks for the update and for the time in my journal. ~_^

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