My Birth Story I

My maternity leave started on 13 of May. During the last week at work we were short at management team. Our store manager had an emergency. She has to rest until Monday, May 14. Nobody will work closing on Saturday, May 12 and opening/closing on Sunday, May 13. I am not the kind of worker that will leave everyone hanging. So I switched shift from my co-asst. mngr, instead of opening on the 12th, I closed and then I will be working on Sunday, 13th, for my manager's schedule.

I have no exact break the whole time I worked on Saturday. I only get to sit once in while if we will not get busy. The mall was packed because it was day before mother's day. People did their last minute gift shopping. We closed at 9pm but got out of the mall 10 til 10pm since I have to do my paper works and sales deposit for the day. My hubby was already at the mall's parking. As soon as I hopped in the car I felt very hungry. So hubby told me that we will have pre-mother's day dinner at Friday's. We headed there after I did my night drop-off.

We frequented Friday's especially after I got off work from a night shift. The buzzers and some receptionists knew us already. They told me they thought I already gave birth but my hubby jokingly told them it could be now. We were ushered to our table. Our food was served and we dined. We headed home almost midnight.

I hit the bed around 1am of May 13th. I even asked my hubby to greet me happy mother's day. He said it's not official yet but still I insisted to him. So he greeted me anyways.

It was around 1:52am that I woke up and felt wetness on my pillow that I made as wedge on my belly. I woke my hubby and told him "Honey I think I peed on my pajamas". But when I was fully awake I realized that the gushing of liquid didn't stop even if I did the Kegel exercise. I rushed to the loo and still the fluid is pouring out. I told hubby this is it. My amniotic sac broke and the fluid's gushing out. Hubby handed the phone to me so I can call the hospital.

I spoke to the nurse on duty and told her my situation. She told me to come to the hospital right away. Two things can happen either gave birth right away or wait for sometime. The nurse asked if there's bloody show, I said a little bit. She added that I should not delay coz my amnion may dried out and it will be harmful to the baby.

Since I'm all packed, after my hubby cleaned out our bed and got dressed, we head to the car and off we went to the hospital. The military hospital where I was admitted to is 25 min. away from our place. While on our way hubby keep asking me if I am in pain or if I felt contraction. I told him none really. I felt contraction but not a painful one and the interval is longer. But I felt my tummy shrunk in size though.

While traveling, I called my family back in the Philippines. I talked to my Mom and she told me to be strong and keep on praying. It's a relief that even if she's not around at least I heard her reassuring voice. I also left a message to my co-worker letting her know I can't make it to work that day. I also called my former manager to call the new mngr that I can't be at work coz I am in labor.

By the time we were near the military base's premises, the reality sunk in that anytime then I can hold my baby in my arms. And I felt the anxiety and at the same time excitement of what will happen. My husband keep holding my hand while driving assuring me that everything will be alright. He keeps telling me jokes so I will keep smiling. He even told me what if at the gate the security will ask us to pull to the side for inspection, which I refute.

Before we can get inside a military post we have to pass by the gate and has to show our identification. Since it was still in the wee hour of the day, past 2am, the security scrutinizes us. Ask for IDs. While checking our ID's, asked my hubby to pull to the side for radar inspection. Hubby blurted a big WHAT?



in-in said...

Bless, one of the things that I am so scared about was I might have it while on the road sos kakuyaw. I can't wait to hear more.

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