The Agony of Waiting

Yes my family is feeling the agony of waiting for two things. One for the nursing board exam result. Two of my nieces (my sis' daughter and cousin's daughter) who graduated their BS Nursing degree in the Philippines took the licensure exam in June. Accordingly, the result will be released by PRC August 15 Philippine time and date. Hoping so. We are praying they will pass.

Another thing, my other niece (older sister), who is also a nurse, will give birth for their first baby anytime at this moment. They will have a baby girl too. Her estimated due date is on the 17th. That is 2 more days Philippine time. I called them Monday in PI and she didn't pop yet. I will call them again tonight. I am praying she will have a safe delivery. The baby will be my parents first great granddaughter. I have lots of baby stuff that won't fit Shiloh anymore. My problem is it will take a long time for it to be received in Pinas. The Balikbayan box that I sent early May until now they haven't receive yet. If I send these the baby will outgrow the clothes already.

Anyhow, I am praying that everything will be okay with my nieces.



Raquel said...

That is the exciting part madz.

I hope they will pass their licensure exam. Keep us updated...

jethbell said...

Dear Bless,
So sorry 4 the delay response! I'm quite occupied with the preparation for my clinicals. Anyway, congrats in advance to both of ur relative. May they got the highest average. Are they planning to look for a job over here?

Bless, I'll add ur link 2 my pal's list. Thanks a lot 4 the time u spent @ my haus.

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