Shiloh @ 3 Months

Wow can't believe that it's been 3 months now since I gave birth. I've been thinking before I got pregnant if I can handle being a Mom. But know what instinct would really guide you. The first weeks somewhat is chaotic but afterwards you can do things like a pro. My only drawback at times is my being a worry-wart. I think this is common for first time Moms. Anyways, I still have a long way to go, in fact a lifetime of sweet and bitter taste of motherhood. But so far I am savoring the sweetest experience of being a Mom.

As a proud Mama every little detail of our little one we don't fail to record, aren't we Moms? So here is a list below of our Shiloh's milestones below. Some are recap from previous entries.

-----Can lift her head and legs when lying on stomach.
-----Can push herself up while kicking when she's on her back.
-----Can hold her head already. Muscles begins to tone now.
-----Can bring both hands together and bring to her mouth.
-----Can sleep longer (4-6hr) now during night time.
-----Everything she can hold she brings it to her mouth.
-----She's a grabby. She grabs my shirt and my bra everytime I nurse her. Even her bib she always try to pull it.
-----She loves to touch things. When we're lying together and put my face near her she'll reach out and touch it.
-----She can bat her toys hanging in her gym mat, bouncer and carrier.
-----She entertains herself and loves to laugh a lot. I already heard her giggle, sounds more like a short screech..
-----Before she don't like to stay long on her back, but now she's liking it.
-----She still hates to be on her stomach longer too. Though she started to roll over. I saw her did it twice by herself. This morning and two weeks ago. Sometimes I help her especially to position her hands coz I'm afraid she'll twist it when she roll.
-----She loves talking to her Dad. She answers him with ohhhsss, ahhhs, bahhs, she'll coo a lot too.
-----She loves taking a bath, eversince. I hope it will not change.
-----No more rashes, acne, dermatitis. Cross my fingers not to appear anymore. Only gas and congestion left. Pray this will disappear soon too.

Aug. 13 - Shiloh @ 3 months. Early am when she woke up. She's kicking and pushing herself around.



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