Beef Kaldereta

I am not a good cook but a trying hard to be one. I usually browse thru online recipes or copy on my friends blogs food that I like to cook. When I make something husband, my critic, would always praise my cooking as if I'm pro (unsaon na lang ug sawayon hehehe).

I was visiting
Lanie's journal and I've read her post about her recipe beef kaldereta. I also mentioned to her that I will try to make the same thing during the weekend. So last night after I got off work I made it. I followed her recipe and direction but I didn't put chili peppers and the sausage I used is italian not the german sausage she used. I haven't seen one at the Commissary where we go for grocery shopping.

Here's a pic of my beef kaldereta.

Thanks Lan for sharing your recipe. I may have to try your famous cassava cake when I can find the chance.



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