Tax Free Weekend

What a chaotic weekend at the mall where I work. The parking was full packed. Throngs of people swarmed inside. All the clothing and shoe stores were overflowing with parents doing back to school shopping for their kids. They took advantage of the tax free days to save money and buy more stuff for their students. This tax free days happened every year during August before the start of the school year. The eligible merchandise ranges only from clothing, shoes, school supplies, computer accessories, electronics. Basically things that are needed by students. Since I'm working in a home decor store we don't have any eligible items that is tax free. But it's very funny that some people still ask why we don't have any tax free merchandise. Helloo!!??



in-in said...

Bless when you work retail, you'll come across a lot of dumb people. Lots of them :o).

Raquel said...

I didn't know all about this once a year tax free, is it weekend only? I went shopping last Friday, daghan kaayo tawo, maybe because it was payday.

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