Does it Really Work?

My husband asked me that question when I told him about my online "raket". He even told me to see is to believe. When I receive my payment of earnings that's the time he will believe it's for real. He was really very skeptical about online business. For we know that there are also not legit ones. The past week, I received my first ever payment of earnings from Smorty (thank you) to my paypal account. I was so excited that I even called him at work. He was just laughing at me. He said I am like a kid. Well, for my over 2 years of blogging this is the first payment I got. It inspires you more to persevere and make your idle days productive. So now he knows that it really does work!



Raquel said...

More earnings to come madz. I'm happy for you, you can manage your time.

JO said...

i'm still contemplating if i should do this or not... its not easy to come up with 50 to 200 words to advertise...

care to share how much on the average you earn in a month? is it worth with all the time that you spent online?

just curious.

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