Driving Again

After I gave birth my OB told me not to drive for couple of weeks, not to lift heavy things, not to submerge in a bath tub but I can do a zits bath. While I was on maternity leave hubby will drive us anywhere we want to go. If he's at work I only stayed at home and go out for short walks around the complex. Even when I went back to work hubby drives for me. That is drop me off and pick me up afterwards. I only drove once eversince when hubby let me followed him while he's driving a military vehicle inside the base. We just came out from the hospital that time for my 6 week check-up. From then on I wasn't able to hold a steering wheel.

Until this Monday hubby told me that he'll be cutting close in picking me up so I can go to work on time. So my option is to drive to work with baby in the car seat then hubby will just meet me there to pick up Shiloh. It felt weird driving again but was able to managed. I didn't forget how to drive yet though. What only cracked me up is that after I went to the bank for night drop off I was wondering why it's dark and I can't see my meter panels. No wonder because I didn't turn on my headlights and all. Gee!



Raquel said...

Don't worry you can still manage to drive with a baby on the back seat.
Just be careful and pay attention on the road.

Take care madz.

genny said...

hehe funny. Its good to be back right? Just commenting...

Bless said...

@ Raquel - lagi mads I did managed ra jud hinuon. Pero mura lang ug awkward at first. Labi na nga conscious ko sa akong pasahero hehehehe.

@ genny - thanks gen. Yeah u r right it's being independent again :-)

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