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When I became pregnant I was worried of gaining too much weight. Why? Because I am a petite person and if I become heavy it will not be good for my self-esteem and confidence. That is why back then I started using calorie counter for all the food that I am taking in. And I found this great virtual calorie counter at I am so conscious that every time hubby cook or we eat outside I will check the amount of calories in food that we ate through their calorie chart. Now, I also use their recommended recipes and incorporate it in my diet as a breastfeeding Mommy. For you to use this helpful calorie counter, you can sign up for free. Absolutely FREE! They will deliver everything you need for keeping you fit and healthy.



grace_of_angels88 said...

Hello Maayung buntag nimo dri. Ni anhe ko kay nangumpanya ko sa inyung boto sa Filipino Blog of the week. GraceArreza sa salamat daan heheheh

Bless said...

hello Grace i will visit you in that blog. ingats.

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