Family Budgeting

Are you frugal? I am to most things. When I see something I like but really don't need it I keep myself not to get it. I would say being economical works for me to stay at our budget. I am prudent in spending when it comes to material things. Clothes, house accessories and the likes. Especially when it costs much. I am considering that our family income has more important usage to waste it. We have to allocate the money to our priorities, rent, bills, food, baby essentials/needs, gas, and savings. When we go grocery shopping honestly we carry a calculator and have a shopping list to be on track of what we mostly need. But sometimes me or hubby get something which are not listed then we check each other if its needed. We keep coupons as well as join our favorite supermarket for membership so we can save for groceries. Hubby is the accountant. We keep all the receipts then hubby check our bank online if all our expenses went through and what's our balance in the bank. If we go out shopping he checks our available balance. That way we will avoid paying over draft fees. all our bills except our rent are automatic bank deductions every month so we will not fear of delayed payments.

I am inspired by this family who is named as the cheapest family in the USA. They live a frugal life and so far they don't have any financial problems I may say. Grabbed this video from Youtube. So check this out.



evi said...

this family made it look easy to be frugal but it's not. it takes so much discipline. it's hard esp. in this era of credit cards and all to not buy the things you want if you don't have the money. i applaud this family.

Bless said...

hi evi thanks for visiting.
yeah they must be so disciplined to keep themselves from having credit cards and all.

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