Viva Las Vegas

Oh la la! I am so excited. Hubby said next year we will have Vegas in our list for our travels. Eversince I got here I am dreaming of going to Las Vegas and experience what the strip can offer. I already picked out a hotel to stay, the Venetian hotel. I like to experience the hotel’s romantic grandeur and also try the gondola ride as if I am in Venice, Italy. Boy, I can’t wait to say, “what happen in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.



babyjet said...

Hello Bless, Yay! Vegas Baby! You picked the right hotel Bless. I like the Venetian because of its romantic aura. And the gondola was perfect for couples. I think It was 15 bucks per person yung ride but I'm not sure ngayon kung magkano. I'll find out about it for you next week! I'll be in Vegas next monday!hehehe. Okie sige na, Hugs and Kisses to you cutie baby :)

Bless said...

Golly Jetty I envy you...After SF Vegas naman. Wow ha ur name really suits u as in Jet for jet set hehehe. okay let me know how much it will be ng mapaghandaan. Thanks.

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