How Do you Manage When your Baby Get Fussy?

This is my question to experienced Moms as well as new Moms like me. How do you manage when your little ones get fussy or cranky and you are out of the house? I have read a lot of articles about managing a fussy baby. And it seems like it is all professional ideas that I am pretty much sure will work, but babies varies. I want to know and learn from you, my friends, how you take care of that. I have my own way.

Before we go out I make sure that she is well fed. I am breastfeeding and here in the US it is very difficult to breastfeed in public. It's also embarassing because seems like you're the only one doing it in the area. So before I change her I feed her first and then after she is dressed I feed her again. When she is contented I make sure again she is not wet. If she is I change her nappies. When we decided to go shopping, usually at the strip mall, I have a time limit. It should not be over 3 hours. But if it does, my alternative, we will go to Barnes & Noble, hubby get something to drink and me and baby stays in the car then I will breastfeed her. Change her as well if it is necessary before we browse around again.

It seems really a hassle but I think I am used to it now. When hubby is inviting to go out I will always ask him what are his routes and shop planning to go to so I can calculate my hours. I just don't like going around stressing the baby then she will start crying and hollering.

Can you share your technique too?



Raquel said...

Madz, mao ni akong nabantayan basta first born up to 4 months, very fussy kaayo ang bata. Before ko mo hawa sa balay, busog jud ang bata. Naa pod koy dalang gatas niya nga akong gi pump para inig mo hilak, paslakan dayon ug bottle, he-he. Mo hilak lang ang bata kung gasakit or gi gutom. Pero kung makakaon na gani, wa jud problema.

Imong Shiloh, daku na jud usab usab ra ba ang itsura sa bata madz, akong nabantayan everytime ga daku sila kay gakag guapa pod, chaaar.

geri said...

Bless, you are doing the right thing. With me When Evan was around that age he liked the baby carrier better than the stroller. He usually quiets down when I pick him up and put him in the carrier from the stroller when I'm out shopping. Hassle lang kay lisud man to push the stroller with one hand because I always put one hand to support the carrier. But as they grown up they get to be more predictable and would actually enjoy going out grocery shopping with you :)

Bless said...

@ raquel - mao ng akong problema mareng kay if manglakaw mi bisan dala ko ug gatas dili man niya totoyon. dili pa kaayo cya mo dede sa bottle mao ng galisod ko.

@ geri - she's still in the carrier right now. I'm still afraid to put her in the stroller less the carrier. mura gamay pa kaayo sa ako tan aw hehehe. she likes the carrier but i have to unbuckle the straps kay kung dili magsige ug squirm. dil cguro cya ganahan nga maipit.

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