Our kind of Weekend

What's your weekend like? Ours is a typical one. Saturday the whole morning me and Shiloh just stayed at home because hubby went to work for couple of hours. Then afternoon I went to work. We were not able to go out anywhere. I really don't like going out this past few weeks anyway because it is scorchingly hot outside. We have a heat wave warning. Our temperature highs are triple digits for the past days with lows in 70s and 80s. I can't bare to put my baby's health in jeopardy because of the extreme heat.

Then yesterday, Sunday, we went to church. I was off so I was able to go with my "mag-ama" (hubby & daughter) to attend mass. My hubby don't want to miss Sunday service. So if I am off he will bring the baby with him to church. I was worried then if my Shiloh will be fussy and cranky. In God's grace she was very good. She was awake the whole time. We just left her in the carrier. She didn't cry at all. We sat in designated pews for couples with kids. It was soundproof glass-walled room but you can still see and hear the mass going on. If you are there you will really be disturbed by kids crying, running around, playing. But we were very pleased that despite the noise Shiloh didn't stir nor get irritated. She was just enjoying by herself.

After church we went to get some cold treat at Brusters before heading to Target. An ice cream blast quenched our thirst. We didn't stayed long at Target. After getting what we need we headed to have an early dinner at Country Barbeque. We plan to have a thai food but Chilli Thai was closed. When we're done dining we went home. My husband wanted to watch a movie but baby Shiloh was already tired. I don't want to over stimulate her with being out for so long. When we got home hubby continued to iron the rest of our clothes which he started earlier in the morning while me and Shiloh went to take a nap. It was indeed a great weekend for all of us. Hope yours was great too.



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