Shiloh @ 14 weeks

Everyday our baby girl is showing some personalities. And we are enjoying every moment with her. She is just a bubbly little one. She easily laughs. When she is crying because of gas you just talk to her and made face then she will laugh. She baby talks a lot. I realized she don't want to be alone. I tried putting her in the playpen and then I left to get something, she started to cry. But when I got back she's smiling and kicking. She learned how to squeal now. As in a high pitch squeal that she'll end up coughing. I brought her to my workplace Monday and my manager was baby talking to her and she talked back, bubbling and smiling. Even on the phone with my husband or family in Philippines, I will let her listen and she would really respond to them. I hope she will not be a shy baby later on. She is just a joy to behold every moment of the day. I am lovin' it.

Here are some pics taken while she's at play.

Took this Sunday. She's enjoying her "wormy" wrist rattle. Scrutinizing the toy like a specimen.

Last night during our tummy time: she's enjoying more her toys now. Got excited with the different sounds and colors. She can't be still on the mat too.

Can stay longer now on tummy. She stared at the fishes on the mat. Pushed and kicked herself upwards but her arms not ensynched with the legs movement yet.



Raquel said...

Ang kapoy lang sa bata madz ang first 3 months nila pero after ana makalingaw na kaayo sila ba? Mahagwa na og mo response na pod sila sa ilang mga makita.

Thank you for sharing these pictures madz, excited na pod ko sa akong second baby's arrival.

Bless said...

Lagi, right now makalingaw na kay mahagwa na man. Kusog na sab mo baby talk.

Lagi I know how excited you are I can feel the excitement too. Ingats.

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