Significance of my Natal Day

Tess tagged me to do the following:

1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day).
2. Write down 3 events, 2 births, 1 holiday and tag 5 friends

So my answer is here. Thank you Tess!

Birthday - May 19

Three Events:

1536 - Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII of England, is beheaded for adultery.
1848 - Mexican-American War: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo – Mexico ratifies the treaty
thus ending the war and ceding California, Nevada, Utah and parts of five other modern-
day U.S. states to the USA for USD $15 million.
1971 - Mars probe program: Mars 2 is launched by the Soviet Union.

Two Births:

1797 - Maria Isabel of Portugal, queen of Spain (died on 1818)
1925 - Malcolm X, American civil rights activist (died on 1965)

One Holiday:

Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day in Turkey (1919).

I will tag 5 of my beautiful friends: In-in, Sarah, Vicki, Raquel, and Lanie. Guys just do it at your convenience. No time pressure here. Thanks ahead guys.



in-in said...

Hi Bless, I got your message. Will email you or call you back. I still need to pump then after we need to go to Monee to let the dog out then to the Filipino store. Basta I will get back to you soon. Atleast naa na ka sa Smorty. Kisses to baby Shiloh.

Sarah said...

Hi Bless

read your message thanks for tagging me I'll do it later ingat kisses to Shiloh

Vicki said...

hello bless,

thanks for tagging me ha? thnaks for remembering me.
I do this, presently, busy or baling ipost
pero gam-on ra gyd ni nako ok?

sigi, have a nice sunday there....

regards and kiss na lang ko sa imo baby......

J@n!ce said...

I've done this too. Here's mine...

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