Digital Framez - Perfect gift for Hubby

My husband's birthday is coming and I am in delimma of what gift I will buy for him. He is not picky though but I want to give him something unique and techy. I've been to shops and stores here in my place as well as online but can't find none. One day I heard him telling me that he wants to get something were he can store his collection of pictures and movie clips while he was deployed in Iraq. That rings a bell for me to look for something of that sort online. And luckily I found a very unique technology, the digital photo frames.

It is the coolest thing ever I have seen in storing photos and watching movie clips, playing MP3s. It is one of the top of the line piece of technology, a great innovation. The viewing resolution is magnificent. It captures the real life lighting of your snaps. The digital frame comes in different sizes. It also has a remote included in the package for easy access in viewing your photos. It can also become an accent in any area of your respective homes. You can choose the kind of digital frame style to your liking, e.g. wooden or aluminum coated. To top it all, it is very affordable, a high tech but user friendly.

I am so excited to buy the digital picture frame for hubby. I know he will be very delighted. I learned too that when you buy one you can have a free SD Memory which is perfect so I can get more snaps and short clips of my budding little princess.



J@n!ce said...

So hubs love technie stuff too. Same goes as mine. He mentioned to me about that digital photo frame quite sometimes back too. He told me can get cheaper with Taiwan version :)

Bless said...

Hello Janice! Yeah computer stuff is his passion. Hehehe I do know that too in Taiwan.

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