Songs I Sing to My Little One

When we become Moms I realize we can also be singers even if singing don't like us, eh? We even invent songs that we don't know if its in tune or not. We hum with different tempo and beat. Not only that we dance too even if we do have all but left foot. This is another beauty of motherhood. We became anything for the sake of our kids.

Since I am a true blooded bisaya when I lull my baby to sleep singing visayan comic songs medley will be included in a long play, that is until she dozed off to sleep. Among others includes the following (just an excerpt of the whole song)

(Tune of Pobreng Alindahaw)
Akoy pobreng limay awto
Mananggot mag-eroplano
Mangisda magsubmarino, ahaaayyy
(Tune of Dandansoy but more upbeat, fast)
Dandansoy inom tuba laloy
Dili ako inom tuba pait aslum.
(Tune of Si Felimon)
Si Felimon, si Felimon
Nangisda sa kadagatan
Nakakuha, nakakuha
Ug isda nga tambasakan
Gibaligya, gibaligya
Sa merkadong guba
Ang halin pulos kura, ang halin pulos kura
Igo ra gipanuba.
(Tune of Istambay)
Istanbay, istanbay sa tindahan
Mangutang, mangutang kami'g tuba
Kon dili, kon dili pautangon
Buakon, buakon ang garapon.
I really don't know who sings all this songs. I only knew of Yoyoy Villame and Max Surban. But I heard my Mom sung these songs to us when we were little. Even with my nephews and nieces back in the Philippines. While I am singing this to my little girl, I also tell her that Grandma is singing same song to Mama. And I know if Grandma is only here she will be singing these to her too.



Vicki said...


kahibalo pod ko aning mga kanta, ako pod ni gikanta, gawas sa 1st nga kanta, di ko balo ani, pero tanan balo ko...
ako pod ni gikanta, dala sayaw nga wla diri ug wala didto...hahahaha

pastilan, btaw sa? ma Mom ta kay mahibalo na gyd ta nga wla nato

kanindot sa kanta, kahibalo pa bya ko ani, labi na si Felimon,,...

Trinity said...

Wish to understand it... :-)
once I heard and liked a phinoy song, is mina mis kita... what is that mean? I hear it from tv...

In my country we usually sing Nina bobo as a common lullaby.. my baby suddenly feels very sleepy if he hears the song! LOL

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