Thank you SMORTY

I have been blogging since year 2005. I chronicled my day to day experiences. I even post reviews on any movies that we have watched, products that I love, journeys and travels that we had been to. I never thought that by doing so I can also earn at the comfort of my home. I stumbled into SMORTY and after days of deliberating if I will be able to do its task responsibly, I submitted my blog for review. Fortunately I was approved. Yes! Thank you Smorty!

So what is Smorty? It is a service that taps blogger to advertise on blog about the advertiser. They connects the blogger and advertiser for blog advertising. The blogger write their opinion on anything about the advertiser's products and services and in return you get paid. This is what I call your opinion does matter because it is being valued and you can find it here. I never get too excited in my blogging life until now. It really opens the door of opportunity for me to earn.

With Smorty you get paid weekly. They don't even prohibit nor hinder you from getting another way to be paid while blogging. So for those who are doing paid blogging out there you can increase your earnings by joining. And to my blogger friends, start blogging for money here at SMORTY!



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