Teleserye Addict

Yes I am! Eversince I was in the Philippines I am an avid fan of soap opera/teleserye. Many would say its low class/kacheapan but que ber my whole family enjoyed it. As far as I can remember, the first soap opera that I was hooked into was Flordeluna with the late Dindo Fernando and the little girl was, if Im not mistaken, Janice de Belen. Then there was Heredero. An afternoon telenovela with Coney Reyes and Aiza Seguerra. Boy! Those were the days.

As the years passed many teleseryes had been made and shown. And I am still into it. Walang kupas. When I came here in the US I was thinking, "unsaon na lang di na ko kasubaybay" (I may not be able to follow through) with the teleserye in PI. But I learned there's TFC. Unfortunately the place where we live in KY before don't have it. Since I was subscribing ABS-CBN online when I was still in UK. I continued it. Until now that we are already here GA I am still a subscriber. It's about 3 years now that I subscribe from it. I get to watch shows just like I am in Philippines. They have new shows that are real good. And the soap operas more shorter than before which take for years and years. Right now while typing this I am also watching Ysabella with Judy Ann Santos and many others. After this other teleserye and shows follows through.

Here I also watch the soap opera like Days of our Lives, All my Children and many others that I heard was on for decades already. My husband talked me into it. He's a soap opera fan too :-) He said he grew with it. And if he's at home during weekdays he'll definitely watch it. But I can't sit long and watch those. I don't know somehow I am confused with all the going ons in the story. Well anyways, this is what we are, teleserye/soap opera fanatic.

SHILOH @ 10 weeks started to sleep longer in her crib. But still wakes up every 1am and 3 or 4am for feedings.



carlota said...

ako rin! your daughter sooo adorable. ka boutan ba tan-awon.

Take care Bless. miss yeah!

Agring said...

Thanks for stopping by Bless. Wow! your daughter is really growing up so fast. Sooo cute!
Ako pod addict sa ABS-CBN...

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