Baby DVDs

As a new parent, I wanted to make sure that my child is developing normally. I believe this is the ultimate dream of all parents. As well as giving what is best for them. On the aspect of development, we are very conscious of what are the milestones our kids are doing. What they are capable of doing at their age and stage. We even buy stuffs to supplement in boosting their every development. Among other things are baby DVDs that accordingly can help their cognitive development. But the question is can they really?

I don't know. That is why I am posting this entry to somehow solicit some ideas to experienced Moms. Does baby DVDs really help your child's development? Does it helps your kids improving their language skills? How long you let your kids watch TV or DVD?

I have read this news on Yahoo's Health News, DVDs Don't Produce Brainy Babies . The study made sense to me. I agree that if you are going to let your little one watch DVD during their most attentive hours, when they are awake and alert, rather than giving the first hand experience of actually talking to them, accordingly "they will not get the same linguistic experience". The researchers stressed that talking to your babies is more effective. The "warm social human interaction" cannot be replaced by watching TV or DVD.



Vicky said...

Hi I was blog hopping and thought I would leave my opinion on babies and Tv or DVDS. I think that nothing stimulates a babys mind like playing and reading books. I really think that as children grow up they will watch enough movies and tv that it really is not necessary to turn them onto watching movies at suck a young age. I asked my doctor and he said that some moms do this just as a babysitter. They really do not stimulate your babies brain but just get them hooked on and already addicting thing for children. Please keep in mind this is just one mommy opinion. But maybe you should ask you pedi what his or her take on the subject matter is. Take care and God Bless!
You have a very beautiful little Girl by the way.

in-in said...

Bless sa stages of development sa college bitaw kay wa man gi emphazise nang mga ingon ana. Your right, it's the hands on, one on one interaction. I was watching tv last night wa lang ko ka human, that those baby dvds do more harm than good. Pero wa ko kakita sa entire news kay I have to put FM to sleep. I bought Francis a Barney Dvd when at 3 months he was starting stare at the tv. Pero karon dili na. I usually play it while he is playing in his bumbo with his toys. Minaw lang na siya. Already, you are doing good with the PPP . Keep it up and please call me anytime if you have any question or bisan chit chat lang ba. Kisses to Shiloh.

Mimi said...

Hi Bless! I agree with you about DVDs but sometimes I let my 2 year old daughter watch educational movies like, "wild animal baby", baby mozart or Dora movies and I am so surprised everything she sees on the movies, she can relate it outside and be able to recognize all the animals in the movie. She learns to count too by watching Dora. And its funny because there is fox there that usually hides on a cactus and each time she saw cactus (mexican restuarant, etc) she'll say the name of that fox. In my opinion, I just have to balance everything and not let her watch movies the whole day. What I usually did is to let her listen to baby music like, Baby Worship CD that we are collecting too. It's amazing because she can sing along and dance to the music. Thanks for your post. By the way, thanks for your visit to my blog too and yes, let's exchange links. Take care. God bless you!

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