Toddler in Dryer

I slept past midnight and hubby stayed a couple of hours watching news. When we woke up this morning around 9am the first thing he told me is about the news about a step-father putting his girlfriend's 2 year old daughter in clothes dryer. His reason was because she started hollering when he's giving her a bath. He became mad. He said he can't believe he did it. Hello! How on earth can a paerson do such a thing. That is very horrific to see. The toddler is alive and suffered a 1st and 2nd degree burns. The Mom knew about it when the next morning the little girl asked for bandaged. She told the Mom she was put in a dryer. Just by imagining the scene made my heart wrenched in pain to what the little girl had suffered. Even if you are extremely mad I believe nobody has the right to do such a thing. It's horrendous. That is just a heartless thing to do. My husband was kinda mad hearing that news too. There are just too many weird people out there.



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