I Don't Know What to Do

Boy I am very lucky this weekend I am scheduled off. Thank you very much. Now I don't know what to do having both Saturday and Sunday off :-) I have so much in mind but it's what to do first. Well I think first off have to do house chores. Husband do the cooking and cleaning while me tending to our DD and a little bit of multi-tasking. I am proud to say I am good in that. I already did the laundry while I gave Shiloh her bath earlier. I am doing this entry while nursing her. Since she's already asleep I can set up to iron clothes while waiting for hubby to finish cooking then we can have our lunch. We scheduled going out later today to the strip mall. Babies 'R Us begins their grand opening yesterday and ends tomorrow so we will check out what are the good deals in store today.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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