Last Saturday of the Month

Man oh man! Saturday came by so quick and it's the last Saturday of the month. Can you believe it will be October? Definitely times flies so quickly. The fall season is here, our air becomes cooler, no muggy, hazy days I hope. This morning we woke up at pretty good time and we headed to Golden Coral for breakfast. I don't know what got into us to have an all-you-can-eat breakfast. But hey they say eat breakfast like a king, ain't it? Then at around 11:30am hubby dropped me and Shiloh off at Chuckee Cheese to attend a kiddie party of my friend's daughter. I was still full when we got there so I only had a slice of pizza and cake, and soda. It was a fun time for our DD she only cried when she was hungry but the rest of the time she was bemused of what she saw and heard plus a lot of kids around playing. I just post this entry and then I'm planning to take a good nap with our DD.



Sarah said...

hi just dropping by! favorite rin namin golden coral

Nick Phillips said...

Time flies when you're having fun they say ... I'm just looking forward to time flying a little faster so I can celebrate Christmas ... LOL!

First time here by the way.

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