Reading Made Easy

I can clearly remember when I was in Grade I our teacher let us read a book and the book that we have is Reading Made Easy. If its not for that book I will not be able to read English well and get the star all the time. Then my sister who works for a local company in our area got boxes of books from their foreigner bosses. The books varies from cartoons, texts about world geography, history, social sciences, maths, medical sciences, and a lot more. Even though I don't understand what I was reading back then I just keep on reading the books. And since it has vivid pictures I was just animated by it and everyday I browsed all those books. I believe it is where my love for reading started up. Now I like reading bestsellers, magazines and books about parenting, child development and of course childrens book that I read to my baby.



gwapasila said...

thanks Bless for the visit..sos intawon looy kaayo ang kanding..hahaha maau nalang walay natigbak!

Bless said...

Hello probs oi. Lagi lingaw kaayo imo mga kids :-)

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