Model Search

I was working this morning when one of my co-workers who was off today passed by the store to get her schedule. She told me that her and her daughter will be joining the model search in the afternoon at the other side of the mall. I thought she was only joking. So after I got off from work I ask hubby to go and check out the talent show. It started at 7:30PM but we arrived around 8:30PM. I saw my co-worker and her daughter all dressed. She said they were done doing the fashion show on the ramp they're just waiting for the result. She wasn't really kidding :-) The result was given after the kiddie portion. Unfortunately my co-worker didn't make it but her daughter was one of the 10 finalists. I just remember a joke before about a pageant that both mom and daughter are contestants. There is really such a thing :-)



keeyit said...

wah model search ? sure both of them are pretty ya ?

Bless said...

Yeah model search :-) They're both lovely :-)

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