Britain's Beauty

I had so much fun when I had my vacation in United Kingdom. So many beautiful memories happened. The first time I set foot in London it was a mixed feelings; amazement, happiness, and excitement. Can’t believe I was really there.

While we were in London we stayed in one of London hotels. There are so many hotels to choose from as well as bed & breakfast that are really cheap and affordable. I can’t remember the hotel’s name. It is on top of my head though. But what is still clear to me is that the hotel where we stayed at is near the Philippine Embassy coz I went there to extend my visitor’s visa.
During one of the nights while we were at the hotel we decided to go pub hopping after having dinner. It was funn. People are very courteous and respectful.

While I was there in UK for almost 7 months me and my cousin planned to go to Scotland. We surfed online to check Glasgow hotels that we can possibly stay in with as well as Edinburgh hotels. We found cheaper hotels. We were not able to travel because I was told I do not have visa to go to another country. I can only go all around UK.

I was kinda sad I thought I would be able to see Scotland. But I was still lucky since my best friend who lives in Wales asked us to visit them. Me and hubby went to London and meet my friend in Oxford. Eventhough I didn’t see Scotland but was able to visit Wales.
My UK visit I can say is my knowledge-enriching vacation. I will still pray and hope that I will be able to visit the place next time with my family.



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