On a High Chair

I've read that when babies around 4 months starts to get bored lying down and they don't want to be alone. They tend to seek familiar faces. That is what I noticed with our DD. While she's in the playpen and she don't see anybody she will cry but when I watch her playing she will stop fussing. So we introduced her to sitting on a high chair. The only problem is she don't like being strapped. But she still needs to since she can't sit yet on her own. She can sit for about 5 minutes and then she'll start fussing. Now that she starts eating baby food I let her sit on the bumbo seat instead.

First time on a high chair.



Sarah said...

Mommy Bless,

you can buy Shiloh a bambo sit, it will help her to strengthen her kneck. Kisses to Shiloh takecare

Bless said...

Hi Mommy Sarah! Yup she had the seat. I used it when I am feeding her coz it keeps her back supported and she can't move much :-) Easy for me to feed her.

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