Our Friday

We have a wonderful day today amidst the pouring rain :-) This morning we woke around 9am. Hubby made us breakfast: pancake, fries, bacon and juice. It's kind of brunch for me though. While eating I also strted giving our DD her first rice cereal. Though she didn't finish the one tbsp that I prepared but at least she take the food without any fuss. She was chewing/sucking her rice cereal. I was so excited giving it to her.

Around 2pm we headed out to have my hair cut. The last time I had my haircut was when I was 18 weeks pregnant. I noticed my hair is shedding off. I believe it's common after giving birth. I called my PCM and she advised me to continue taking my prenatal vitamins. But I guess I will need more Calcium since I am breastfeeding.

Afterwards we went to Filipino store and bought some goodies. They have Goldilocks dinner rolls but It's $11 for a bag with 12pcs in it. Mahal kaayo. I just bought the ensaymada with buko. It's very yummy hubby loved it. Before heading home hubby passed by Winn-Dixie for a little grocery shopping. Me and DD stayed in the car coz it's raining and I breastfed her.

When we got home hubby made dinner. He made chicken fajita. Me and Shiloh were playing in the room waiting for dinner. After eating he clean the kitchen up while I am tending to our DD and make her go to sleep. Now she's asleep I hope she will sleep through the night. Crossing fingers.




Sarah said...

sis all around pala si mister mo! buti ka pa nakakain ng goldilocks waahh miss ko na ang mamon at ensamada ng goldilocks.

have a great weekend kisses to SHiloh

Bless said...

Ay sis all around to. Kasi sabi niya ak naman daw kasi nag aalaga sa bebe namin so at least mabawasan load ko.
Oo nga sarap ng goldilocks pati si hubby gustong gusto nya.
Tc at happy weekend din

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