Shiloh's 4mons Well-Baby Check

Wow we can't stop the days from rolling. Our Darling Daughter is now 4 months old. We just got back from her 4th month well-baby check up. The Ped said everything is doing great. Both her weight and height is on the 10th percentile rank and her head circumference on the 25 percent. The Ped said she's growing steadily. And her stat is normal and within the range of a 4 month old baby. We don't have to worry and that baby's develop differently. Though he reminded us to watch her growth making sure she's going up on the graph.

With respect to some health concerns, I asked him again about our DD's congestion which is still present. As usual the Ped said it's nothing to be alarmed of. If in 6months it will not go away then she can be given an allergy medicine. I hope it's not really an allergy. He just advised us to continue with the nasal drops and suction if it really bothers her that much.

He did physical exam to her and I asked him of a possible ear infection he said the eardrum is perfect. That is my one big worry to have an infection because of this congestion. The Ped said we just have to continue doing the good job. When I asked him about giving baby foods, he said he's glad I asked that question. He told me to give her rice cereal and then to wait giving her fruits and veggies when she can tolerate the cereal already. Also I asked if we can supplement her with vitamins and minerals. He said that vitamins supplement is good for breastfed babies. We can buy an over the counter one. So we will get those as well as the cereals when hubby gets home from school later. I'm excited :-)

She also got 3 shots and an oral vaccine. The second dose of the vaccines that she got when she was 2 months. This time she cried real hard. After the last shot I picked her up and she stopped crying. She was only sobbing when we got out of the hospital. Now I have to ready the baby Tylenol in case her temp shoots up. I pray it won't.



vickyneis said...

Bless So glad to hear that everything went well. I really didslike giving the little ones shots it really breaks my heart to have to do it. I really hope shiloh takes to them well and doesnt develope a fever. Take care and good luck my little ones are always fussy after shots.

Bless said...

@ Vicky - Hi Vick! Yup I heard you. When you hear them cry it's like your heart is being torn apart also. Shiloh has a little temp. I gave her the Tylenol. Thank you.

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