When I was still in the Philippines I really dreamt of visiting Australia. I heard that it is really a nice country, peaceful, clean, not crowded, great people, excellent education. I remember I was in college during one of my English classes that we have to make a letter requesting information of schools outside the Philippines. I choose to send my request to the University of Adelaide in Australia. I was just captivated of the place's beauty.

I know the place has a lot to offer. I have a bestfriend who lives in Sydney with her family who told me that it's really an awesome place. They visited Adelaide couple of times. Even now I am still browsing in
Adelaide classifieds and still get a lot of best results. Like places to live, what to do, places to visit, the community, and jobs. Jobs in Adelaide is ample. Before I looked into the research job opportunity in that University. But it was just too hard to begin paperwork and there were so many requirements.

If I will be ask right now if I still want to go there? Definitely yes. One of this days. I will include it in our place of interest for vacation. Their great beaches, the botanic garden, watch the Royal Adelaide Show, actually every September, makes family
dating in Adelaide something to look forward to.



Nita said...

Wow, how cute. Dalia ra midako imo baby. Take care always!

Bless said...

Hi Nits! Thank you. Lagi dali ra nangdagko jud.

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