Busy Tuesday

Today is the busiest day so far for us since we know we are moving. The thing is, tomorrow we are going to New Jersey and come back on the 15. This morning we went on post to my hubby's office to transfer his files and leave some things to his co-worker. Afterwards we went all over the place.

What I meant with all over the place is from one office to another; and from one store to another. It was crazy. First stop his office around 12noon. Then we went to: CIF where he's going to return his issued military stuff; Transportation Office to inquire what shipping co we are going to ship our other car; Billeting/Hotel for our reservation on the 18th-22nd; Soldier's Plaza at Army Community Service; PX to get some stuff then head off post.

It was raining cats and dogs while we drove off post going to the mall to turn in my key to our store manager. While giving my key it was really surreal. My manager said she hate to see me go and she hope I will stay but it's impossible. I felt the lump in my throat when she said it to me. I do wish we could stay too but we have to do what we got to do.

Inside the Mall we checked at Gap and Dillards. Then we drove to the strip mall and check stores like Circuit City for car stereo but they don't install during Tues and Thurs so we went to Kar Tunes and Best Buy which is off way the strip mall hubby didn't find a good deal. Then we went to Target to return an item. I stopped at Motherhood Maternity to get a nursing undergarment while hubby and our DD went to Sprint Store. Back to strip mall again and went inside Sears, Old Navy, Walmart and finally bought a to-go at TGI Friday's.

I can't believe we drove all over the place today to do all the errands. I was so exhausted. It's a good thing that Shiloh is very cooperative. She only complained when she was hungry and wet. We got home past 9pm and I have to prepare for our trip tomorrow. Right now I am waiting for my laundry in the dryer. I may be able to go to bed around 1am. Oh layf in da steyts! :-)



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