PPP You're Awesome!

I have been blogging since 2005 and did not imagine that this passion of mine can be brought to another level that is through paid blogging. And this can be achieved thru payperpost or known as PPP.

Before, I was a lurker for blogs that is an active PPP postie. I was very intrigued and curious while wondering if I could be able to do it too. I didn’t have the confidence then. But with my friends persuasion and testimonials that they earn an income while at home and you can manage your time with no pressure I signed up for payperpost. I wasn’t approved the first time I signed up because I have some requirements that I haven’t met. But with patience and waiting at last I got APPROVED BY PPP!

I am so excited. The approval is very timely because I just resigned from my job due to our impending relocation. I will be able to look for a job next year after we will be settled in our new place. So even if I am at home I will still be able to earn and help my hubby with our household expenses.

To PPP I extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude. As if you know that today I will be resigning from my job; that I am closing a door of opportunity. And then today you opened up a window of opportunity for me to continue earning and helping my family with our financial needs. You are totally awesome!

If you are blogging and want to earn while doing what you love to do? Join PayPerPost now and click here to get started.



recel said...

huh?! ngayon ka lang ba na-approve sa ppp Bless? thought u'v been blogging for so long na!

anyway, i have something special for u. it's in my blog so come and check it. hope u will like it! good night, errr... wednesday morning!

Francine said...

bless, welcome to the club.finally you made it! youll be addicted to it once you'll receive the first payment *winnk*

Sunshine said...

Hi, Bless! It's so nice to hear that you can earn a lot of money with no pressure. I plan to apply maybe next month PPP if i can met the requirements needed.

Agring said...

Congratulations Bless!

J@n!ce said...

Good luck to your online income :):)

Janice Ng

Darlene said...

Congrats Bless daghan nata ani PPP members hehehehe ako pod mao pay pagka approved sa akong blog.Enjoy!

My World said...

i thought you've been doing paid ppp posts already. iba ba the ones i've been seeing? anyway, congrats!


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