Drop Out

Both me and hubby are now can be called drop-out :-) Yes we both dropped our classes because of our move to another state. Although we can still do it since it's an online classes but weighing the fact that we have so much things to do we have to do some sacrifices. With all the preparations, like getting our stuffs ready for the movers, shipping one of our cars, cleaning the apartment, hubby doing his clearance, checking our classes online will be hard to do. (But not for my blogging though, hahaha ang sama!) Joking aside, all our connections, cable, phone, broadband, will be cut off too on the 18th so we will not have internet until we can move to the hotel. Hope they have fast internet access though :-) But yes, as I've said, we dropped our classes and we may enroll next quarter when we get to WA.



Lolli said...

aww.. good luck in moving mads,
wishing you all the best in your new home.

Midas said...

Good luck with your move.

Don't stay out too long from the classroom, otherwise, it gets too tempting not to go back at all. :)

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