Having lots of friends is fun. I met a lot of friends online. I even have friends that I haven't met in person but having to chat them all the time makes them more closer to me as if we've known for our entire life. I discovered another online website that offers live chat with friends for free. It's Dating and chatting is common nowadays and they offer it too with your free membership. You can chat thru sending instant messages or phone chat. You can blog for free as well. Friendsation will also launch their podcasting soon. So join now for free and enjoy collecting friends from all over the world at Friendstion.



Lolli said...

It's true lots of friends is fun. BUt
a good true sincere friend is hard to find :)

Always nice to hear your bebe Shiloh mareng na she's so active na diay :)
Kadali sa panahon noh?!.

Happy weekend kaninyo diha mads.

recel said...

hi Bless! ayyy... sarap nga pag madaming friends! and i'm glad i've known u, kahit online lang! my daughter Triz just turned 15 months yesterday. july 4th baby namen! hihihi! and yeah, kapal ng buhok talaga!

army wife ka pala! hirap ba? it must be exciting to keep moving out but stressful and tiring at the same time! cge, regards dyan sa cutie baby mo! enjoy ur weekend Bless! catch u around!

grace_of_angels88 said...

Good Morning! Labay lng ko dinhi. Love friends... Luv yah! God bless

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