I've Got a Headache

I believe lack of sleep from having a baby is taking a toll on me now. I feel headache most of the time. Like today when I woke up I feel this throbbing pain on my temple. I really hope there is a headache treatment that will ease away the pain in an instant. I badly needed it now. I just can't take any medicine over the counter because I am breastfeeding. I am afraid to take even Tylenol coz I don't want my baby be affected. now I have to take a rest and somehow this headache will go away.



J@n!ce said...

Bless, sorry to hear that you are having a bad headache. I was once like that too. Panadol (pain killer) is alright for breastfeeding. I took it before :)

Hope you get better soon !!

Janice Ng

recel said...

oh.. Bless sorry to hear u'r having a bad headache! ako naman, sanay ako dyan because of my migraine. well, till now i'm still breastfeeding. my OB-GYN and my Triz's pedia said an Acetamenophen or Tylenol is just fine. don't suffer from it. it will get worse if u won't take a painreliever. have a great wednesdy night to u!

keeyit said...

Previously I got migrant also because of too stress in my work.. One of my reason to change job.. Now this job also same =( I think i will change job soon

Bless said...

@ Janice - Hi Jan! Thanks. I just took a nap earlier. Glad it kinda fade away.

@ Recel - Hi Cel I am glad don't have migraine. Though the pain is bearable but if you have a baby to attend to murag molala :-)

@ Keeyit - Yeah I know stress is another culprit for headache :-) Just take it easy.

Lolli said...

head ache mareng mao jud nay faet uy. LOL

Ako baya sad naa koy head ache kanunay kay ni taas man akong dugo labi na kay duha akong gi dala. Ang gi tambag sa akong OB inom ug daghan tubig kay mao daw nay maka tabang sa head ache.

ingon ana jud diay pag naa nay bebe noh ma bilar jud diay usahay :)
naa koy gi email nimo, ambot ug madawat kaha to nimo :)

Lolli said...

Mao sad jud na akong gusto nga mag breast feed ko, hinaut nga makaya nako silang duha ug breast feeding :)

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